Saturday, 25 June 2011

'Swish' Night

Last night the village chapel held a fundraising 'Swish' night for our local school. The object of a 'Swish' night is basically swapping instead of shopping, you bring along some items you no longer want and swap them for something else when the starting bell rings. I brought Employment by Kaiser Chiefs, a Jamie Cullum live DVD and Sheila Hancock's autobiography to swap but the only thing of mine that was 'swished' was the book. Cringe. To be honest there was an awful lot of shite there but were a few almost gems. I was still allowed to get 3 items with my ticket even though no one wanted 2 of mine.

I got:

A Pilgrim ring.

These patent leather shoes, i'm not sure where they're from but they have 'look how gorgeous my feet look' written inside. They're also 2 sizes too big for me but a pair of insoles and thick tights or socks will probably sort that out. They do have a small black mark on the front as well but I think that just gives them a more vintage feel.

My third 'swished' item was an Atonement DVD still in it's cellophane wrapper but I didn't take any pictures of that because everyone knows what a DVD looks like....

Despite there not being much for me personally to choose from it was quite a fun night and I would like to do something similar again. Maybe I should try and organise another one myself.

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  1. Ive never heard of a 'swish' but it sounds like fun, oh and you totally struck gold with that ring (: