Tuesday, 19 July 2011

20 things to do before I turn 21

Okay so I stole this idea from Pixie Mama, but it just seemed the perfect thing to keep my goals in check and to continue feeling fulfilled and living to my hearts desires every day - I already have a long list of long and shorterm goals, some of which may and will take years to complete but doing this new list has meant that I can add even more exciting things , some easy, some slightly harder but all of which I think will be achievable within the next year. (I've already crossed the hardest thing off the list! XD)

Heres what it looks like:
1. Pass my driving test.
2. Drive further than Rhyl on my own.
3. Complete my ROY G. BIV hair project.
4. Go to the Vintage Village market.
5. Learn how to knit.
6. Get my 27 inch waist back.
7. Join an exercise class and stick with it until i've lost all my excess inches.
8. Become a full vegetarian.
9. Go geocaching.
10. Get my left inner conch pierced.
11. Get my tongue venom bites pierced.
12. Get another tattoo.
13. Get a microdermal implant.
14. Go to the cinema alone.
15. Go to Alton Towers and ride on Rita and Thirteen.
16. Go to Afflecks Palace.
17. Sell something on Etsy and Folksy.
18. Have my own craft stall somewhere.
19. Bake a cake that actually tastes good.
20. Meet [censored].

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