Monday, 11 July 2011

Gwaenynog Country Show

Yesterday I went to the annual Gwaenynog Country Show for the first time in years (actually I can only remember ever going there once before). I nearly didn't go as it had been absolutely pissing it down all morning but there was a break in the weather in the early afternoon so I decided to chance it. It was quite small and I thought some of the exhibits were a bit higgledy piggledy but I made a few nice vintage finds.

1972 Triumph 1500. I so want it but unfortunately it's not for sale. :(

I got these 3 vintage mugs for only £1.

This was £3. I'd been looking for a nicely bound copy of Wuthering Heights for ages so i'm really pleased!

This was £1. I can't wait to have a look through it.

I know this is not a vintage find but I got this from the small food hall they had there. I was looking for some lemon curd really but as the woman didn't have any or strawberry jam - or blackcurrant jam -I thought that this might make a nice alternative. I tried some last night and to be brutally honest, i've tried better. It was nice and tart but it had a funny aftertaste to it like something had gone a bit wrong during the boiling process.

The part I was most looking forward to though was visiting Beatrix Potter's garden. The gardens at Gwaenynog Hall are where The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies is set and although Beatrix Potter didn't live here (the hall belonged to her uncle) many people refer to it as 'Beatrix Potter's Garden'. The garden has recently been restored to it's Victorian state, which I think it a great move. I love the way it has such a natural look, the plants and grasses grow really high, they look like the seeds have been carried there by the wind instead of planted by gardeners. I'm not a huge fan of heavily landscaped gardens, I prefer to just let plants and nature do it's own thing.

Sorry for such a picture heavy post, there were just so many beautiful things to show I couldn't choose between them all.

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  1. You've taken some lovely photo's i think it's a great post! I LOVE N.Wales, it has the best carboot bargains! i lived in Menai Bridge for a bit...have you seen this blog

    it's lovely!!