Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Issues with Motivation

Right now i'm just not motivated to do anything. Everything I start I leave unfinished. I haven't listed any items on Etsy for like a month now even though I have about a dozen or so waiting. I'm not motivated to lose weight and i'm not motivated to make myself look even remotely presentable to the world.
I'm just moping around being sad all the time. I am so, so sad right now.

I miss my cat. :'(

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Flab to Fab - End of Week 6

Everything is on hold until I get my little Sisi J but I have walked miles trying to find her. Someone has commented that I look like i've lost weight though. It's probably all the worry.

Life is Cruel

Only four months after we lost Emily in April (she was trampled on by a bullock), my other beautiful cat Sienna has now gone missing. The longest she has been away from home before is 3 nights and on the morning of the 4th day she came back in one hell of a state. Her torso had been completely sliced open from her front to her hind legs, she was operated on and as a result was left half bald for weeks. I was horrible seeing my poor baby girl in that state.
She has now been away for a whole week. :( Myself and my family have searched everywhere for her. We've knocked on almost all the doors in the neighbourhood, have searched all along the main road and in the ditches in case the worst has happened. We have also searched all the fields surrounding our house. We've walked miles in the past few days.
Today I went to the library to print off a missing poster, then to the printers to have it photocopied. I originally wanted 100 copies (the woman in the shop looked at me like I was mad but I just want to find her!) but the photocopier broke after she'd done just over 20 so i've only been able to post a few and i've pinned one up in the village shop. I am going to go back to the printers tomorrow to see if the machine is fixed and get some more to put through letterboxes and stick on bus stops.
I've heard lots of positive stories about cats going missing for weeks and coming back, and Sienna is cheeky so perhaps she has found a second home. I just miss her so much. The worst part is not knowing what's happened to her, she just seems to have vanished out of thin air. At least with Emily we had closure. I feel stupid getting this upset about a cat but i'm absoultely distraught. I keep having horrible dreams about her every night. It's awful.
She's helped me so much through the hard times over the past couple of years and I can't imagine not seeing her beautiful little face again. I want her safe back home. :(

My beautiful girl.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Denbigh & Flint Show

On Thursday I went to the Denbigh & Flint Show. I usually forget to go as it's on mid week, so I have only been about 3 times in the past 10 years - plus the admission prices are really expensive (it was £14 this year!).
I was trying to be careful with my money and the only way I could do that was to not really look around many of the stalls but I did have a good look round the food hall, in which my mother kindly bought me some lemon curd (gorgeous!) and a pot of blueberry frozen yoghurt (you could totally tell it was virtually fat free if you catch my drift!). Luckily there were lots of animal exhibits and the weather was relatively fine so I feel we almost got our money's worth.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Just look at the size of him! I've never seen anything like it!

Hope you are all having a good week. Things are not so good here as my cat has gone missing again. I shall just have to hope and pray that everything is alright. :(

Friday, 19 August 2011

Flab to Fab - End of Week 5

This week has been much the same as most of the other weeks. I haven't had to the chance to go to any exercise classes and if i'm being completely honest i've been terrible with my diet over the last few days especially. There is no point in me doing these blogs if i'm not going to be commited so I really have to have a word with myself and get motivated. I know i'm overweight. I know that none of my clothes fit me properly anymore. Most of all I know that I really need to do something about it. I don't want to be fat anymore. *Sigh*

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Flab to Fab - End of Week 4

So this week I haven't been all that careful with my diet and I haven't had chance to do any formal exercise. I have however been running around like a headless chicken for most of the week as I had a stall offer for a craft fair on Saturday in Crewe, so I have been here there and everywhere trying to get everything ready for it. (I now realise that being ready for Saturday is a bit over ambitious so I have unfortunately had to decline the offer). I had honestly planned on going to aqua aerobics though but I was in the middle of painting when the class was due to start and I completely forgot about it. I shall endeavor to go next week, although I know I always say that!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Llanrhaeadr Show

On Saturday I went to the annual Llanrhaeadr show. I have gone there most year for the past 7 years or so but this year was a little different. This year for the first time I decided to submit some entries into some of their craft competitions.

I decided to enter the following categories:
An Engagement Card
A Thrifted Item
An item made from 1 metre of fabric

I origingally planned to enter 'A Pencil Sketch' but my mother wouldn't let me as she said my drawings were too macabre (I'd drawn a Mexican Sugar Skull, it was fine!), '3 Framed Photographs of Trees' but I felt the expense would be too great after the amount of money i'd spent on things for the other categories, and 'A Vegetarian Meal For 1' but I had to withdraw my entry for that as I had simply run out of time.

My mother entered the categories 'An Engagement Card' and 'A Flower Arrangement in a Teacup'.

For the engagement card myself and my mother had gone to a local printing shop and had the word 'Engagement' printed in scripted writing on the top of a really good quality card. I had then added some glittery card rectangles from a Christmas card pack (you couldn't tell that they were meant for Christmas) and then some clay hearts i'd made myself.
My mother had used some non-glittery card rectangles from the same pack the added some silver plastic dangly hearts for detail.
To be fair I thought both of our designs were pretty good and I felt sure that at least one of us would get something for them even after i'd seen the other entries. Wrong. Neither of us won any prizes. The winning entry had just got a premade card pack and just stuck it all together using pritt-stick, there wasn't a lot of skill involved at all. The other second and third prizes were of the same standard as ours but I felt that ours were prettier.

My engagement card.

My mum's engagement card.

For the thrifted item we were required to buy something from a charity shop and jazz it up a little bit. I had originally planned to get a little tank top and sew on a couple of buttons then sew an applique heart in the middle, but I couldn't find anything suitable so I got a stripy canvas bag and sewed on some buttons and attached a Tetris heart brooch in the middle. A couple of the entries were really good for this category, and they quite rightly got first and second but I definitely think I should have got third. The entry that actually won third had got 3 plates and 2 wine glasses and stuck them on top of each other with superglue and called it a cake stand. The plates didn't even match! I really did feel robbed with this one.

For the Item Made From 1 Metre of Fabric I made a tote bag from some really cute (but expensive!) floral fabric. I made the handle out of wool and added a couple of buttons for detail. It took hours and hours to make but I think the end result was worth it and I didn't totally embarrass myself. To be fair the other entries into this category were absolutely amazing. I didn't stand a chance really. The entry that won was this really awesome door stop in the shape of a house with an applique door, windows and flowers, it was gorgeous and so professionally done. I should have taken a picture of it. I didn't feel at all cheesed off that I didn't win anything here, all the other entries were way better than mine.

I don't think this picture really does it justice but there wasn't a lot of room on the table.

My mother entered the Flower Arrangement in a Teacup Category but she also didn't get anything, even though in this category they awarded 2 third places. I know I am biased but I thought her was better than some of the others that did get prizes. I was quite insulted for her to be honest, especially because of the whole 2 third prizes thing (there where only 6 entries).

At the time I said that I wasn't going to bother doing anything again but i'm over it now so I probably will try again next year and hope for at least a third in something.

Anyway after all the epic failiure I thought i'd end the post with some of the cute animals on show.

Have you had your cornflakes?

Just look at the size of it!

Hope you're having a happy Monday!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Forgotten Skirt

I forgot to take a picture of this skirt the other day for my vintage, thrifted and hand-me-down items post. I got this off my Nain for FREE!

Align Centre

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Flab to Fab - End of Week 3

So this week I haven't been feeling too good so I haven't done any exercise whatsoever but I have been very careful with my diet - and it seems to be starting to pay off now as I got a nice surprise when I measured myself this morning.

My new measurements:

Waist - 32 inches
Hips - 40 inches
Thighs - 25.5 inches
Underbust - 35 inches
Overbust - 40 inches

So that's half an inch off my thighs and a whole inch off my bust. Yay! And i'm feeling better now so I will be doing more powerwalking and I will try to get to aqua aerobics at least once this week. (My unused swimming kit is still in the car from 2 weeks ago)!

Monday, 1 August 2011

My latest vintage, thrifed and hand-me-down items.

In the past couple of weeks i've been getting/aquiring a fair amout of vintage, thrifted and hand-me-down items - not absolutely loads but much more than I usually do. I realise some of these items will look better when i've lost a bit of weight, especially the longer dresses which at present make me look slightly matronly.

This is what I got (and I swear these pictures make me look way fatter than I actually am):

80's vintage floral dress, £2 from Ebay

80's vintage floral dress, £4.95 from Ebay
(Belt not included)

80's vintage grey striped dress, £4.95 from Ebay
(I realise you can see my underwear through it but if I wore it out i'd probably wear a petticoat underneath)

80's vintage striped shirt, £3 from St Kentigern's charity shop
(Belt not included)

80's vintage abstract dress, £3.50 from St Kentigern's charity shop

Tartan dress, £3.50 from St Kentigern's charity shop

Feathered hat with fishnet veil, £3.50 from North Wales Animal Rescue charity shop
(I have wanted a hat with a fishnet veil for AGES!)

12 inch vinyl, £1 from North Wales Animal Rescue charity shop

Babydoll top, hand-me-down FREE
(Belt not included)

Strapless top/dress, hand-me down FREE

Strapless top/dress, hand-me-down FREE
(I can't believe how fat I look in this picture :O)

I forgot to take a picture of a skirt I got given, damn it. I'll probably do another quick blog later.