Thursday, 25 August 2011

Life is Cruel

Only four months after we lost Emily in April (she was trampled on by a bullock), my other beautiful cat Sienna has now gone missing. The longest she has been away from home before is 3 nights and on the morning of the 4th day she came back in one hell of a state. Her torso had been completely sliced open from her front to her hind legs, she was operated on and as a result was left half bald for weeks. I was horrible seeing my poor baby girl in that state.
She has now been away for a whole week. :( Myself and my family have searched everywhere for her. We've knocked on almost all the doors in the neighbourhood, have searched all along the main road and in the ditches in case the worst has happened. We have also searched all the fields surrounding our house. We've walked miles in the past few days.
Today I went to the library to print off a missing poster, then to the printers to have it photocopied. I originally wanted 100 copies (the woman in the shop looked at me like I was mad but I just want to find her!) but the photocopier broke after she'd done just over 20 so i've only been able to post a few and i've pinned one up in the village shop. I am going to go back to the printers tomorrow to see if the machine is fixed and get some more to put through letterboxes and stick on bus stops.
I've heard lots of positive stories about cats going missing for weeks and coming back, and Sienna is cheeky so perhaps she has found a second home. I just miss her so much. The worst part is not knowing what's happened to her, she just seems to have vanished out of thin air. At least with Emily we had closure. I feel stupid getting this upset about a cat but i'm absoultely distraught. I keep having horrible dreams about her every night. It's awful.
She's helped me so much through the hard times over the past couple of years and I can't imagine not seeing her beautiful little face again. I want her safe back home. :(

My beautiful girl.


  1. Oh my gosh.. Erin, I'm so sorry. You must be SICK with worry. Don't EVER feel silly about being so worried about a pet. When my Mowgli was sick, I couldn't sleep or eat! When he passed away I was destroyed!! I still cry almost everyday and it's been about 6 months. Pets are not accessories, they are friends. They are beautiful spirits sent here to make us whole. Anyone who doesn't see that, doesn't deserve a pet, or least of all make you feel like you shouldn't worry. I will think good thoughts for you and your sweet kitty. I hope she comes home soon. xoxox

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. xxx