Monday, 8 August 2011

Llanrhaeadr Show

On Saturday I went to the annual Llanrhaeadr show. I have gone there most year for the past 7 years or so but this year was a little different. This year for the first time I decided to submit some entries into some of their craft competitions.

I decided to enter the following categories:
An Engagement Card
A Thrifted Item
An item made from 1 metre of fabric

I origingally planned to enter 'A Pencil Sketch' but my mother wouldn't let me as she said my drawings were too macabre (I'd drawn a Mexican Sugar Skull, it was fine!), '3 Framed Photographs of Trees' but I felt the expense would be too great after the amount of money i'd spent on things for the other categories, and 'A Vegetarian Meal For 1' but I had to withdraw my entry for that as I had simply run out of time.

My mother entered the categories 'An Engagement Card' and 'A Flower Arrangement in a Teacup'.

For the engagement card myself and my mother had gone to a local printing shop and had the word 'Engagement' printed in scripted writing on the top of a really good quality card. I had then added some glittery card rectangles from a Christmas card pack (you couldn't tell that they were meant for Christmas) and then some clay hearts i'd made myself.
My mother had used some non-glittery card rectangles from the same pack the added some silver plastic dangly hearts for detail.
To be fair I thought both of our designs were pretty good and I felt sure that at least one of us would get something for them even after i'd seen the other entries. Wrong. Neither of us won any prizes. The winning entry had just got a premade card pack and just stuck it all together using pritt-stick, there wasn't a lot of skill involved at all. The other second and third prizes were of the same standard as ours but I felt that ours were prettier.

My engagement card.

My mum's engagement card.

For the thrifted item we were required to buy something from a charity shop and jazz it up a little bit. I had originally planned to get a little tank top and sew on a couple of buttons then sew an applique heart in the middle, but I couldn't find anything suitable so I got a stripy canvas bag and sewed on some buttons and attached a Tetris heart brooch in the middle. A couple of the entries were really good for this category, and they quite rightly got first and second but I definitely think I should have got third. The entry that actually won third had got 3 plates and 2 wine glasses and stuck them on top of each other with superglue and called it a cake stand. The plates didn't even match! I really did feel robbed with this one.

For the Item Made From 1 Metre of Fabric I made a tote bag from some really cute (but expensive!) floral fabric. I made the handle out of wool and added a couple of buttons for detail. It took hours and hours to make but I think the end result was worth it and I didn't totally embarrass myself. To be fair the other entries into this category were absolutely amazing. I didn't stand a chance really. The entry that won was this really awesome door stop in the shape of a house with an applique door, windows and flowers, it was gorgeous and so professionally done. I should have taken a picture of it. I didn't feel at all cheesed off that I didn't win anything here, all the other entries were way better than mine.

I don't think this picture really does it justice but there wasn't a lot of room on the table.

My mother entered the Flower Arrangement in a Teacup Category but she also didn't get anything, even though in this category they awarded 2 third places. I know I am biased but I thought her was better than some of the others that did get prizes. I was quite insulted for her to be honest, especially because of the whole 2 third prizes thing (there where only 6 entries).

At the time I said that I wasn't going to bother doing anything again but i'm over it now so I probably will try again next year and hope for at least a third in something.

Anyway after all the epic failiure I thought i'd end the post with some of the cute animals on show.

Have you had your cornflakes?

Just look at the size of it!

Hope you're having a happy Monday!

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  1. The Llanrhaedr show is clearly fixed in which case.
    Macabre is good too, you should post the sugar skull pic.