Friday, 30 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 30

Today's prompt was:

'I'm proud of myself for'

I do find it difficult to praise myself but a couple of things popped into my head straight away.

  • Passing my driving test - I had close to 100 lessons, 3 instructors and after 3 years I finally passed, not first time mind you, it was a case of third time lucky!
  • Never needing to have a filling done - I don't know many people my age who can say that! I went to see the dentist today for a checkup and my teeth are so good that I only need to go every 10 months instead of 6!
  • Completing 30 days of lists - I'll admit there were times when I felt like giving up but i'm so glad I perservered. 

So it's all over, but have no fear - i'm starting 30 Days of Journaling tomorrow! Woop woop.

I also made a back cover for my booklet -

 Yeah I know it's crap but i'm on tight schedule tonight!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

ROY G. BIV Hair Project - Part 2

So today I finally dyed my hair green! I've had the dye for weeks now but I was just waiting for all the violet to come out of my roots, which was taking ridiculously long!
This was the first time i've attempted dyeing it at home, I can't claim to have done it myself though as my nextdoor neighbour who is an ex-hairdresser came and did it for me. It turned out so much better that I thought it would - I love it! Plus it only took about an hour or so from dry blonde hair to dry green hair and it was so much cheaper than going to the hairdressers.
The colours I used were Stargazer African Green and Directions Spring Green mixed together.

The picture is a little blurry as my hand was shaking whilst I was taking it!

30 Days of List: Day 29

Today's prompt was:

'Things that were awesome about this month'

I must admit that this September has been better than most so it wasn't hard to come up with things. 

Here's my list - 

  • PJ Harvey gig - You can read about it here.
  • Kate Rusby gig - You can read about it here. 
  • Gettin tickets to see Tori Amos - Even though they were expensive and I ended up getting crap seats, i'm still so excited about it, 4th November can't come quick enough!
  • Dyeing my hair green - Another step closer to completing my Roy G. Biv hair project, plus I really love the way it's turned out. I'll do a blog about it later.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 28

Today's prompt was:

'If I ruled the world'

I would have put a lot more things for this if i'd had more room.

Here's my list -

  • I would make sure that no one is too rich or too poor - There is absolutely no readon for anyone to be a billionaire. 
  • Eradicate poverty - If only I could. 


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 27

Today's prompt was:

'My overused words and phrases'

Being as i'm virtually mute most of the time this was another toughy but I came up with a few things.

Here's my list - 

  • Tines - Just a nickname that I call my Mum and cats.
  • Lyle - A local term of endearment that I call everyone.
  • Dal - Again just a silly nickname that I call a lot of people.
  • Hiya darlin' - This is my greeting to most animals.
  • Na - The Welsh word for no. I say this to animals when they're being naughty.
So I guess that it's mainly animals that I uses words and phrases repetitvely with, because you've got to really to make them understand.

Monday, 26 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 26

Today's prompt was:

'Things to do before my next birthday'

I already did the '20 things to do before i'm 21'  list so I just picked a few things off there that I haven't done yet.

Here's my list -

  • Complete my Roy G. Biv hair project - I've already done violet and I should being going green on Thursday!
  • Get my left inner conch pierced - I haven't had a piercing in nearly a year now so i'm hoping to get this one done in the next few weeks. 
  • Go to Alton Towers and ride on Rita and Thirteen - In total i've been to Alton Towers 10 times but I haven't been for a couple of years now, not since they've installed Thirteen which I really want to ride one and i've never been on Rita as the last few times i've been either the queue was too long or no one would go on with me. 
  • Go to the Vintage Village market - It's in Stockport which is about a 1.5 hour drive away but I must find the time and money to go soon.
  • Bake a cake that actually tastes good - I do enjoy baking but my cakes usually don't turn out well.
  • Learn how to knit - This is something i've been wanting to do for a while now. After i've learnt to knit I wanna learn to crochet.
  • Go to Afflecks Palace - I've wanted to go there for years! It's quite a drive away, again about 1.5 hours but now that i've passed my driving test i've got no excuse not to go. 
  • Go geocaching - I have been before but it was unsuccesful. I want to go and actually find something! You can read about my failed attempt here.


From Russia With Love

A few weeks ago my Nain and Taid went on a European cruise, i've forgotten what countries they went to but one of the ones they stopped at was Russia and they got me these beautiful gifts that i'd like to share with you all.

I love Russian/Babooshka dolls. I have one that I bought from a local gift shop a few years ago but this is the first genuine Russian doll i've ever had.
This is actually a magnet but as I don't have a magnetic fridge i've had to display her on the bookshelf instead.

A litte china dog. Isn't he sweet?

A Russian military cap. This wasn't actually meant to be mine but I asked if I could have it and they said yes!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 25

Today's prompt was:

'Today's to-do list'

This was a really good one to do as I actually did get most of the things on my list done. It might be a good idea to start doing this every day!

Here's my list - 

  • Write this list, take, a picture of it and post it on my blog - I'm obviously doing that now!
  • Go to Morrisons - They've just installed self service tills and t was absolute bedlam in there. 
  • Visit my Dad - I went to hid house but he wasn't in. 
  • Make a video for YouTube - I've filmed it but I probably won't be putting it up tonight as it will take hours. 
  • Edit some pictures to put on my blog - I've not done this yet but I will do it after i've finished doing this. 
  • List some items on Folksy - I've not done this either but I will do it before I go to bed.
  • Put some clothes in the wash - I was down to my last outfit so today was wash day. They're drying on the maiden now.
  • Paint my nails - This is the one thing i'm probably not going to do, it's too late now.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

30 Days of LIsts: Day 24

Today's prompt was:

'Things I like to do when I am sick'

Well I don't 'like' to do anything when i'm sick so I just listed the things that do usually do when i'm ill.

Here's my list - 

  • Stay in bed - I'm not one of those people who can carry on anyway when they're ill.
  • Take medicine - But I try not to take any unless things are really unbearable. 
  • Drink lots of water - Usually the only thing I can stomach.
  • Not eat anything - It's about the only time in my life that I don't feel like eating something!
  • Feel sorry for myself - Sometimes I even cry. 



Friday, 23 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 23

Today's prompt was:

'If I won the lottery'
I have only ever once bought a ticket, on someone elses behalf.  I have no great desire to win the lottery, the idea of having X millon pounds in the bank just doesn't appeal to me at all. I guess I wouldn't mind winning a 'small' large amout though but winning the jackpot would be more trouble that it's worth.

Here's my list -

  • I would pay off all my family member's morgages - It would be rude not to.
  • Buy a house - I still live with my mother and she is desperate for me to move out. I would love to live in a rural cottage or farmhouse with a little bit of land an a few animals.
  • Get a new car - There is so much wrong with my car. The boot doesn't open, the central locking system doesn't work, there is a chip in the windscreen and only one of the radio speakers work. I would love to get an old vintage mustang. 
  • Give money to charity - I don't give money to charity on a regular basis at the moment as I simply can't afford to, so it would be nice to give a lump sum to a few worthy causes.
  • Not show off about it - I wouldn't buy anything extravagant with my winnings. I believe in living modestly. I watched a tv show recently about people who have won the lottery in the UK and have bought huge mansions with pools and yachts and  gold Rolexes and other such ridiculous things, flaunting their wealth. I thought it was most distasteful.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 22

Today's prompt was:

'Ways to avoid housework'

I found this one a little boring to do as I thought it was very similar to the 'Things I do to procrastinate' lixt. I did manage to come up with a couple of things though.

Here's what I came up with -

  • Get a takeaway or go out for a meal to avoid using crockery - I did this so much when my Mum was on holiday. I hate washing up.
  • Keep saying "I'll do it later" - This is my usual method of choice for avoiding doing chores.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 21

Today's prompt was:

'Tv shows I wish would come back'

I was absolutely knackered doing this list, so much so that my eyes kept rolling back into my head as I was doing it. Therefore it's riddled with errors. I'm going to post it as it is now just so you know that i've done it but I will definitely be doing it again tomorrow if possible, then update it on here with the annotations.

*Edit* I've redone it and made it look slightly better, plus I don't think it has any spelling mistakes now.

Here it is -

  • Pushing Daisies - They should have given it more of a chance! 
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch - I have talked about this on my 'Things that remind me of my childhood' list but I was absolutely obsessed with it when I was a child.
  • Takeshi's Castle - I know they show countless repeats on Challenge but I would so love it if they brought it back so I could go on it! Total Wipeout just isn't the same.
  • Daria - I wasn't into this when it actually came out (I think I was a bit too young) but I couple of years ago I started watching it online and ended up watching every episode in about a week or something. 
  • Jem - Again I talked about it on my 'Things that remind me of my childhood'  list but I think that kids these days need some more truly outrageous tv shows. 
  • Top of the Pops - I really miss this. They should never have axed it.
  • Survivor - I know in the US they are still making it but in the UK it was only on for 2 years. I think it was so much better than Big Brother.
  • Spaced - My uncle bought me the entire collection on DVD a couple of christmases ago (unfortunately only 2 series were made) and I loved it! *Factoid* The leading actress's mother was my English teacher and she came to our ROA and sat with me and my friends during the dinner!
  • King of the Hill - I loved this show and was sad when the cancelled it but in a way I suppose it wouldn't be the same without Brittany Murphy. 
  • Fun House - I always wanted to be on this when I was little. I know if it came back i'd be too old to be a contestant but I would love to be one of the 'twins'. LOL

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 20

Today's prompt was:

'My dream space would include'

I'm always thinking about what my flat/house is going to look like when I move out so it was kinda difficult to cut down the list to only a few points.

Here's what I came up with - 

  • A 1950s English Rose kitchen - I have loved these ver since I saw a documentary on Channel 4 a few years ago called 'Time Warp Wives'. I would have it in either pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel blue or pastel green with rainbow flecked vinyl or tiles on the floor.
  • A super king size bed - Tragically at the age of 20 I still sleep in a single bed. *sob*
  • A jacuzzi bath - My Dad had one and I love it!
  • A big table with loads of craft supplies on it - The table I have at home now is a little small. 
  • A customised rhinestone tv with Sky + , a DVD player and a selection of DVDs - I've been thinking about customizing the tv in my bedroom for a while now and I have wanted Sky + since it came out. I do also love to watch films so a DVD player is a must.
  • A bookshelf with all my favourite books on it - I love a good read when the mood strikes me. I don't own copies of all my favourite books so I would make sure I got all those and  I would get all the classics too. 
  • A walk in wardrobe - I would love to have one like Mariah Carey's! 

I feel as if I am having a bit of a second wind with this project now and have been really enjoying it over the past few days, so I am hoping to do 30 Days of Journaling next month now.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Kate Rusby

Last night I went to see Kate Rusby in Venue Cymru, Llandudno. I had seen her previously in May in the Crewe Lyceum Theatre and although I thought she was great, I hadn't planned on going to see her again so soon. However, I was taking a little look at her website and saw that she had a tour date in Llandudno and thought that as it was so close I may as well go - well I say close, it's like 30 miles away from my house but as someone who usually has to travel to England for gigs it's pretty close, plus i'd never been to that particular venue before as they don't usually have people who i'm into peforming there. (There are also venues in Rhyl and Wrexham but again they don't usually book 'good' people).
The venue itself I didn't like at all. It had no character whatsoever, which is something I think is essential in a theatre but we had really good seats with and excellent view of the stage.
The gig started with Damien O'Kane, Ed Boyd and John Joe Kelly playing a short set of 3 songs (Damien has a wonderful voice, i'm definitely going to get one of his albums soon), before being joined by Julian Stutton, Malcolm Stitt of course Kate Rusby herself. They played a rousing set of 7 songs before the interval and a further 10 after with a single song encore. I don't have a copy of the set list but some of my highlights were 'Green Fields' 'The Wishing Wife', 'Who Will Sing Me Lullabies' and 'Underneath the Stars'.
One thing I love about her gigs is the variety of merchendise available. There are bags of different colours and size, candles, mugs, teatowls, songbooks, t-shirts and of course most of her back catalogue is on sale. I got a t-shirt (last time I got a tea towel) and my mother got a songbook and bag.

Next time i'm gonna get a mug!
The only thing that spoiled what was a great night was some dickhead sitting in to front who kept shouting "yeeehaa" after every song had finished and kept trying to talk to Kate throughout the hole performance. I was ready to punch him by the end!

I would seriously recommend going to see Kate Rusby live or even just listen to some of her songs on YouTube if you don't want to commit youself - she really does have a wonderful voice and I think she would appeal to many people, folk music fans or otherwise. 

30 Days of Lists: Day 19

Today's prompt was:

'Inventions I wish were real' 

I would so love it if the things i've listed were real!

Here it is -

  • Bernard's Watch - It would be so good to be able to stop time and get a chance to do get more things done in the day (or get more sleep!).
  • Time Machine -  I would love to go to the 80s and back to my childhood!
  • Money Tree - I would only take money from it if I was absolutely desperate though, I wouldn't take the piss!
  • Pokemon - I always used to wish they were real when I was little and still do. I would have Pikachu and Charmander.
  • Fountain of Knowledge - Would be so useful before an exam!

I've just realised i've made a spelling mistake on the list - I wonder if you can spot it? I don't think it's too obvious though, it was an easy mistake to make!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

30 Days Of Lists: Day 18

Today's prompt was:

'A few of my favourite things'

I'm a little bit late with this one (by about 15 minutes!) as i've been at a gig tonight and didn't have time to make up a list earlier.

Here's my rather rushed list - 

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Smiths and The Libertines - My favourite bands.
  • Cheese and tomato pizza - My favourite food.
  • Diet Coke - My favourite drink (I drink WAY too much of it!).
  • Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy -  One of my favourite books.
  • Pink, green and yellow - My favourite colours. 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 17

Today's prompt was:

'Fictional characters I love'

This was another fun one to do. At first I was only thinking of literary characters but after going on the 30 Days of Lists forum I saw that people were doing characters from films and tv shows too. 

Here's my list - 

  •  Atticus Finch - I'm sure a lot of people will say this but I adore his character - even though I wouldn't consider 'To Kill A Mockingbird' to be one of my favourite books. He's just such an honourable man and he reminds me of my grandad even though I didn't know him that well. (He died when I was 2).
  • Dobby -  From the Harry Potter series. He's so cute, funny and loyal. I was so sad when he died. :(
  • Buckbeak - Although it's a bit of a weird character to love as he doesn't play a huge part in the Harry Potter series, i've just always love him. I think if I was in Harry Potter we'd be great mates.
  • Maud Fitzherbert - She is a character from 'Fall Of Giants' by Ken Follett. If I was a woman in the Edwardian times i'd want to be like her!
  • Stargirl Carraway - The title character from 'Stargirl' by Jerry Spinelli. I can relate to her a lot. 
  • Sookie Stackhouse - I've never read any of 'The Southern Vampire Mysteries' but I absolutely love True Blood. Being a mindreading fae involved with a vampire seems like a really awesome life.
  • Dr Zoidberg - From Futurama, I love his voice and when he takes off his shell and does that 'wub wub wub' sideways walk thing.
  • Jerrica Benton/Jem - Jem is truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous!
  • Cleveland Brown - He was my favourite character in Family Guy and I was made up when I heard they were making The Cleveland Show. His voice makes everything hilarious. 
  • Cleveland Brown Jr - In Family Guy he was totally different to how he is in The Cleveland Show - I definitely prefer his new incarnation. He's so sweet and funny.
  • Afro Ken - It all started when the girls in my school from Hong Kong used to come back after the holidays with loads of Afro Ken stuff. My favourite of his afros is the multi coloured star one. I so wish he was real so I could have one!


Friday, 16 September 2011


Today I went to the SeaQuarium in Rhyl for the first time in what must be about 12 years (it was still called the Sea Life Centre back then!).
The entrance fee was £8.25 which I thought was a bit steep considering the size of the place. There was virtually no one in there which was nice, I hate going to these places and it being full of holidaymakers. At one point there were loads of male workers congregated together randomly shouting 'Stevie G' and it made me feel a bit self conscious about filming and taking pictures.
Not a lot had changed since i'd last visited except that they now have an outdoor sea lion pool which has shows throughout the day. There was one starting just after i'd arrived but it was absolutely pissing it down and there was no shelter so I only watched it for about 5 minutes.
I had only paid for an hours parking as I knew it wasn't big but I was in and out of there in about 30 minutes - and that was me taking my time!

I wouldn't exactly describe it as crap but I don't think i'll be going back there again in a hurry.


I used to love this bit when I was little!

 ...and this used to scare the shit out of me! Can you see the fake limbs?!?

 A little video I made. 

30 Days of Lists: Day 16

Today's prompt was:

'Dream jobs' 

I'm currently pursuing one of my dream jobs (which I decided not to list) but it was fun thinking of all the other that I would love to do. 

Here's my list -

  • Rockstar - This is the dream i've held for the longest. Well, actually when I was really little I wanted to be a popstar but as I got older it evolved to wanting to become a rockstar. I love to sing but I just wish I was better at playing instruments. I have a guitar and keyboard but i'm not much good at either of them. I wish a fairy or genie would come along and make it all happen.
  • Artist - Even though i'm not very good at painting or drawing I would love to be able to transfer my thoughts and things I see to canvas and make a living out of it. 
  • Fashion Designer - Having my own kawaii clothing label would be awesome!
  • Homemaker - I would love to have about 5 kids and loads of animals and just spend all day baking and looking after them all.
  • Zoo Keeper - I love animals. It would be so cool feeding lions and tigers or playing with monkeys. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 15

Today's prompt was:

'Never have I ever'

So we're half way through now. I'll admit that since day 11 it's become a bit of a chore and has put into doubt me doing 30 Days of Journalling next month - but who knows I may get a second wind. 

Here's my list: - 

  •  Been to Asia, Oceania, South America or Africa - Obviously i've been to Europe as I live there and I went on holiday to Orlando, Florida, USA in 2003. To be honest I don't have a huge desire to visit any of the other continents even though I have family living in Australia. And I think it goes without saying that i've never been to Antarctica.
  • Driven on a motorway - Or 'freeway' as they call it in the USA. Even though I passed my driving test almost 3 months ago i've still not had the chance/plucked up the courage to drive on a motorway.
  • Seen a James Bond film - I don't have any great desire to either. I'm not into action films really.

My black sharpie nearly ran out whilst doing this list, it's definitely been my most time consuming one so far. The picture also doesn't do it justice, I think it looks a lot better in real life.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 14

Today's prompt was:

'My favourite outfits to wear' 

I only had room to put 3 down but there were quite a few more that I could think of! 

Here's my list -

  •   White oversized smiley face t-shirt, red leopard print leggings, black low top Converse - T-shirt and leggings were both from Topshop. Sadly my nextdoor neighbour's cat Tia has ruined the leggings a little bit but making holes in them with her claws and my smiley face t-shirt is the only thing that is long enough to hide them. My completely black Converse (the ones where the the toe caps, soles, laces and eyelets are black too) are definitely my most worn Converse. They just go with so much.
  • Blue alsatian t-shirt, zebra print leggings, lime green high top Converse - T-shirt was from Lazy Oaf, it has an alsatian/German sheppherd on the front wearing neon pink sunglasses. It's my favourite Lazy Oaf t-shirt (I have quite a few) and I got it before they went ridiculously expensive. I think I got it for £25 and they now charge £35-£45, some of them are even crop tops! The leggings were from Urban Outfitters, I love them but recently I got some blue paint on them, luckily it's quite high up so most t-shirts will cover it. My lime green Converse are definitely my favourites, it took me forever to find a pair (like literally months), I first saw them on the drummer in Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the Cheated Hearts video and knew I just had to have them.
  • Pink, blue and mustard sundress, mustard cable knit swing cardigan, blue footless tights, pink high top Converse - Dress and cardigan were both from Topshop, I used to have 2 dresses but gave one away to a friend. The cardigan I wear a lot with other things too. The tights were from River Island. The pink Converse were from Footlocker in the mall in Orlando, Florida which I got whilst I was on holiday there. I was the first person in my class to get a pair and after that everyone seemed to be getting them. I've had them for 8 years now. 

I finally got a single hole punch today so i'm going to start making my booklet after i've posted this. I'm a bit nervous that i'm going to make a mess of it though! EEK!