Monday, 5 September 2011

30 Day of Lists: Day 5

Today's prompt was:

'I need an app for'

I don't have a smart phone, just a humble Nokia 6330 (I got it for only £15!), so I wasn't sure which direction to go with this. I wasn't sure whether to go for useful apps that I would get should I ever have a smart phone, like route planner or something, or go for total fantasy apps like ones that would physically do something for me. I checked out the '30 Days of Lists' website and everyone seemed to be going for the fantasy things so I decided to do the same. 

Here's what I came up with -

  • Dyeing my hair - I love to experiment with dyeing my hair but it gets so expensive going to the hairdressers everytime so I don't get to do it as much I would like to. Having an app for it would certainly make it a lot cheaper and i'd always have cute hair.
  • Doing my laundry - I always forget to do it until I have absolutely no clothes whatsover left to wear. 
  • Tidying my bedroom - I hate doing it. My room always looks like a bomb has hit it. 
  • Ordering my prescription - I usually forget to do it until I have no tablets left. 

I know I always beat myself up about my page designs and this is the last time i'm going to do it I promise but I absolutely hate this list! There is so much wrong with it I can't even begin to list (no pun intended!) them all. I may make some changes at a later date but it's getting late in the day now and I have only just finished doing it so I thought i'd better post it before it gets too late.


  1. erin, I love your lists, your writing is so much nicer then mine. You used my favorite color today "blue". My feelings were the same way about the apps for today so I chose to do made up ones too which was fun. My list was nice and simple today with no frills, check it out if you have time. Also glad you won't be upset about your lists anymore, no stress just fun.

    my list is at

  2. p.s. if you do this again next month where are you going to get your ideas from? Maybe I will join you in doing another one too.

  3. Thanks for checking out my list! Next month 'Running With Scissors' is doing another 30 Days of Journaling. I think she's done them a few times before. They're slightly different from 30 Days of Lists in that you will recieve a prompt then have to write more of a whole page about it rather than just a list. I seem to remember one of the prompts last time being 'Write a letter to someone you love' - it's all stuff like that. Some of the prompts were really cool though where you had to draw certain things and go on scavenger hunts around the house.
    So, I think it'll be a little more commitment than this and it is a little more expensive to join too (I think it's about $15).

  4. LOL! Id lovvvvvvvve an app for dying my hair too