Friday, 16 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 16

Today's prompt was:

'Dream jobs' 

I'm currently pursuing one of my dream jobs (which I decided not to list) but it was fun thinking of all the other that I would love to do. 

Here's my list -

  • Rockstar - This is the dream i've held for the longest. Well, actually when I was really little I wanted to be a popstar but as I got older it evolved to wanting to become a rockstar. I love to sing but I just wish I was better at playing instruments. I have a guitar and keyboard but i'm not much good at either of them. I wish a fairy or genie would come along and make it all happen.
  • Artist - Even though i'm not very good at painting or drawing I would love to be able to transfer my thoughts and things I see to canvas and make a living out of it. 
  • Fashion Designer - Having my own kawaii clothing label would be awesome!
  • Homemaker - I would love to have about 5 kids and loads of animals and just spend all day baking and looking after them all.
  • Zoo Keeper - I love animals. It would be so cool feeding lions and tigers or playing with monkeys. 


  1. About the 4-th item Do you can baking?
    Do you like to do this?
    And what bake is your favourite for baking on your own?

  2. About the 1-st item What is prevent you to play on guitar or keyboard very well if you have it.
    I can't play cause I don't have on what to play.
    Go away your laziness from you if it the only cause :-)

  3. I am absolutely awful at baking but I would like to get better!

    With instruments i'm not very good at co-ordination of any kind. I can't seem to make my hand do different things simulaneously.

  4. I'm sure you will can baking very good when you will need this because you have a very good set to do this in future.
    And about your "hand do different things simulaneously" - you just don't have a good teacher, I'm sure.