Wednesday, 14 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 14

Today's prompt was:

'My favourite outfits to wear' 

I only had room to put 3 down but there were quite a few more that I could think of! 

Here's my list -

  •   White oversized smiley face t-shirt, red leopard print leggings, black low top Converse - T-shirt and leggings were both from Topshop. Sadly my nextdoor neighbour's cat Tia has ruined the leggings a little bit but making holes in them with her claws and my smiley face t-shirt is the only thing that is long enough to hide them. My completely black Converse (the ones where the the toe caps, soles, laces and eyelets are black too) are definitely my most worn Converse. They just go with so much.
  • Blue alsatian t-shirt, zebra print leggings, lime green high top Converse - T-shirt was from Lazy Oaf, it has an alsatian/German sheppherd on the front wearing neon pink sunglasses. It's my favourite Lazy Oaf t-shirt (I have quite a few) and I got it before they went ridiculously expensive. I think I got it for £25 and they now charge £35-£45, some of them are even crop tops! The leggings were from Urban Outfitters, I love them but recently I got some blue paint on them, luckily it's quite high up so most t-shirts will cover it. My lime green Converse are definitely my favourites, it took me forever to find a pair (like literally months), I first saw them on the drummer in Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the Cheated Hearts video and knew I just had to have them.
  • Pink, blue and mustard sundress, mustard cable knit swing cardigan, blue footless tights, pink high top Converse - Dress and cardigan were both from Topshop, I used to have 2 dresses but gave one away to a friend. The cardigan I wear a lot with other things too. The tights were from River Island. The pink Converse were from Footlocker in the mall in Orlando, Florida which I got whilst I was on holiday there. I was the first person in my class to get a pair and after that everyone seemed to be getting them. I've had them for 8 years now. 

I finally got a single hole punch today so i'm going to start making my booklet after i've posted this. I'm a bit nervous that i'm going to make a mess of it though! EEK!

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