Thursday, 15 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 15

Today's prompt was:

'Never have I ever'

So we're half way through now. I'll admit that since day 11 it's become a bit of a chore and has put into doubt me doing 30 Days of Journalling next month - but who knows I may get a second wind. 

Here's my list: - 

  •  Been to Asia, Oceania, South America or Africa - Obviously i've been to Europe as I live there and I went on holiday to Orlando, Florida, USA in 2003. To be honest I don't have a huge desire to visit any of the other continents even though I have family living in Australia. And I think it goes without saying that i've never been to Antarctica.
  • Driven on a motorway - Or 'freeway' as they call it in the USA. Even though I passed my driving test almost 3 months ago i've still not had the chance/plucked up the courage to drive on a motorway.
  • Seen a James Bond film - I don't have any great desire to either. I'm not into action films really.

My black sharpie nearly ran out whilst doing this list, it's definitely been my most time consuming one so far. The picture also doesn't do it justice, I think it looks a lot better in real life.


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  1. I think I had my license for a couple of years before I got up the nerve to drive on a freeway. I had so much anxiety over the very idea of it that the first time was fairly terrifying. I got over it, though, and I know you will too. :)

    Also, you're not missing much with James Bond. Though some of the older Sean Connery/Roger Moore films are really fun in a campy, throwback sort of way.