Tuesday, 20 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 20

Today's prompt was:

'My dream space would include'

I'm always thinking about what my flat/house is going to look like when I move out so it was kinda difficult to cut down the list to only a few points.

Here's what I came up with - 

  • A 1950s English Rose kitchen - I have loved these ver since I saw a documentary on Channel 4 a few years ago called 'Time Warp Wives'. I would have it in either pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel blue or pastel green with rainbow flecked vinyl or tiles on the floor.
  • A super king size bed - Tragically at the age of 20 I still sleep in a single bed. *sob*
  • A jacuzzi bath - My Dad had one and I love it!
  • A big table with loads of craft supplies on it - The table I have at home now is a little small. 
  • A customised rhinestone tv with Sky + , a DVD player and a selection of DVDs - I've been thinking about customizing the tv in my bedroom for a while now and I have wanted Sky + since it came out. I do also love to watch films so a DVD player is a must.
  • A bookshelf with all my favourite books on it - I love a good read when the mood strikes me. I don't own copies of all my favourite books so I would make sure I got all those and  I would get all the classics too. 
  • A walk in wardrobe - I would love to have one like Mariah Carey's! 

I feel as if I am having a bit of a second wind with this project now and have been really enjoying it over the past few days, so I am hoping to do 30 Days of Journaling next month now.

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