Wednesday, 21 September 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 21

Today's prompt was:

'Tv shows I wish would come back'

I was absolutely knackered doing this list, so much so that my eyes kept rolling back into my head as I was doing it. Therefore it's riddled with errors. I'm going to post it as it is now just so you know that i've done it but I will definitely be doing it again tomorrow if possible, then update it on here with the annotations.

*Edit* I've redone it and made it look slightly better, plus I don't think it has any spelling mistakes now.

Here it is -

  • Pushing Daisies - They should have given it more of a chance! 
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch - I have talked about this on my 'Things that remind me of my childhood' list but I was absolutely obsessed with it when I was a child.
  • Takeshi's Castle - I know they show countless repeats on Challenge but I would so love it if they brought it back so I could go on it! Total Wipeout just isn't the same.
  • Daria - I wasn't into this when it actually came out (I think I was a bit too young) but I couple of years ago I started watching it online and ended up watching every episode in about a week or something. 
  • Jem - Again I talked about it on my 'Things that remind me of my childhood'  list but I think that kids these days need some more truly outrageous tv shows. 
  • Top of the Pops - I really miss this. They should never have axed it.
  • Survivor - I know in the US they are still making it but in the UK it was only on for 2 years. I think it was so much better than Big Brother.
  • Spaced - My uncle bought me the entire collection on DVD a couple of christmases ago (unfortunately only 2 series were made) and I loved it! *Factoid* The leading actress's mother was my English teacher and she came to our ROA and sat with me and my friends during the dinner!
  • King of the Hill - I loved this show and was sad when the cancelled it but in a way I suppose it wouldn't be the same without Brittany Murphy. 
  • Fun House - I always wanted to be on this when I was little. I know if it came back i'd be too old to be a contestant but I would love to be one of the 'twins'. LOL

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