Monday, 19 September 2011

Kate Rusby

Last night I went to see Kate Rusby in Venue Cymru, Llandudno. I had seen her previously in May in the Crewe Lyceum Theatre and although I thought she was great, I hadn't planned on going to see her again so soon. However, I was taking a little look at her website and saw that she had a tour date in Llandudno and thought that as it was so close I may as well go - well I say close, it's like 30 miles away from my house but as someone who usually has to travel to England for gigs it's pretty close, plus i'd never been to that particular venue before as they don't usually have people who i'm into peforming there. (There are also venues in Rhyl and Wrexham but again they don't usually book 'good' people).
The venue itself I didn't like at all. It had no character whatsoever, which is something I think is essential in a theatre but we had really good seats with and excellent view of the stage.
The gig started with Damien O'Kane, Ed Boyd and John Joe Kelly playing a short set of 3 songs (Damien has a wonderful voice, i'm definitely going to get one of his albums soon), before being joined by Julian Stutton, Malcolm Stitt of course Kate Rusby herself. They played a rousing set of 7 songs before the interval and a further 10 after with a single song encore. I don't have a copy of the set list but some of my highlights were 'Green Fields' 'The Wishing Wife', 'Who Will Sing Me Lullabies' and 'Underneath the Stars'.
One thing I love about her gigs is the variety of merchendise available. There are bags of different colours and size, candles, mugs, teatowls, songbooks, t-shirts and of course most of her back catalogue is on sale. I got a t-shirt (last time I got a tea towel) and my mother got a songbook and bag.

Next time i'm gonna get a mug!
The only thing that spoiled what was a great night was some dickhead sitting in to front who kept shouting "yeeehaa" after every song had finished and kept trying to talk to Kate throughout the hole performance. I was ready to punch him by the end!

I would seriously recommend going to see Kate Rusby live or even just listen to some of her songs on YouTube if you don't want to commit youself - she really does have a wonderful voice and I think she would appeal to many people, folk music fans or otherwise. 

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