Sunday, 11 September 2011

PJ Harvey

On Thursday night I went to see PJ Harvey playing live at the 02 Apollo in Manchester. It's been a long journey for me as I was originally meant to go see her at the Ritz in Manchester back in May 2009 for my 18th birthday. I naively thought - even though it said over 18s only - that they wouldn't ask for ID (I was a couple of weeks away from my birthday) but the did and I was refused entry. I spent the next hour or so crying in the pub opposite the venue.
As she doesn't tour very much I thought that I wouldn't get another chance to see her for years and even then i'd probably have to travel to London or somewhere, so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that her only UK dates for promoting her album latest 'Let England Shake' were in London, Glasgow and MANCHESTER!
As soon as I got the money together I got tickets, standing ones although I had the option of being seated in the circle but I wanted to be as near the front as possible.
PJ Harvey has been in the news a lot over the past week or so as she became the first person to win the Mercury Prize twice, I was so over the moon for her because although I think 'Let England Shake' is fantastic, i'm biased, and I really didn't think she'd win having already won it once before. This of course gave me even more a buzz about the gig.
We did have some trouble getting to the venue and at one point I thought we weren't going to get there at all but we made it eventually, although we were a little later than I had hoped so I wasn't able to get as near to the stage as I would have liked. To be completely honest out of all the standing gigs i've been to, and indeed all the others, this was probably the worst view i've ever had even though I was standing just over half way into the 'pit'. This was mainly because a couple of really tall people pushed in front of us thus blocking the reasonable view I had had before. Not that this really mattered in the end.
So she came on and delivered most of the songs from her latest album and a few oldies which took me by surprise, including 'Down By The Water' and 'C'mon Billy'. Her voice was so haunting, steady and pure that it didn't matter one bit that I couldn't see much. From what I could see though, she was wearing a long black straightjacket style dress (the same style as the white one she wore to the Mercury Prize) and as my Mum calls it "that fucking crow on her head". She didn't say a word to the crowd until the end when she introduced us to the band, thanked us for coming and hoped to see us all next time. I'M SO THERE!

I tried to take a few pictures but they didn't turn out very well. Here is just about the best one I took:

 You can just about see her in the left side of the picture.

Set List
Let England Shake
The Words That Maketh Murder
All And Everyone
The Big Guns Called Me Back
Written On The Forehead
In The Dark Places
The Devil
Dear Darkness
The Glorious Land
The Last Living Rose
The Pocket Knife
Bitter Branches
On Battleship Hill
Down By The Water
C’mon Billy
Hanging In The Wire
The Colour Of The Earth

The Piano


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  1. Hi! I found your blog through 20 Something Bloggers - it's so fun! Love all the various lists and things. And I've heard such good things about PJ Harvey - how awesome you finally got to see her live!