Wednesday, 2 November 2011


This year I didn't do very much although it was more than i've done over the past few years, which was absolutely nothing. I ended up wearing a half hearted bat costume (I only wore the mask for about 5 minutes and the 'costume' was just my normal clothes). I wanted to be a skeleton but I left it all too last minute, I didn't get to carve a pumpkin either due to the same reason and had to make do with a swede.
We got loads of trick or treaters though, despite getting absolutely none last year so we were somewhat unprepared. The sweets disappeared very quickly and we had to resort to giving money and Halloween gingerbread, which as a result I didn't get to have any of!
My mum's goddaughter and her sister came round to carve their pumpkins with us so it turned out to be an okay night.

Thia's pumpkin

Sasi's pumpkin

My swede

I bought these for all of us. I love these things!

My bat 'costume'

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