Friday, 16 December 2011

Graze Box - A Review

I received a voucher for 2 free graze boxes from the lovely Polly at This Enchanted Pixie and I wasted no time in redeeming them.

I had heard quite a few things about graze boxes in the past and was intrigued by them, but never really checked them out properly as I knew that I couldn't afford to have a subscription, so this was the perfect opportunity to banish my curiosity.
I had no problems logging onto the site and setting up an account or creating my list of available foods that I wanted to try. I was however slightly concerned when I was asked for my credit card details as I didn't want to be tied into any sort of contract or subscription due to the afore mentioned reason. After reading the FAQs on the site I was assured that I could cancel my deliveries as soon as i'd received my 2 free boxes, so I somewhat reluctantly registered my card details on the site.
My first box was due to arrive on Tuesday but didn't end up arriving until Thursday, the day that my second box was supposed to arrive (which incidentally hasn't arrived yet either). I understand that it's Christmas and everything but i'd have been pretty cheesed off if i'd have been paying for the service, especially since they can send you perishable items in the boxes such as olives.
Anyway, it arrived and I was pretty excited. It was packaged beautifully in a fully recycled and recyclable box:

And it even had a cute little napkin (made from fully recycled paper of course!):

Note: Isn't the picture on the bottom of the box just gorgeous!?! I'm gonna cut it out and use it for future craft projects!

The company offers two types of boxes - the nutrition plan, and the nibble box. I chose the latter as it is the one which has the maximum variety. 
You also get a little nutrition card inside your box telling you about all the nutritional values of each food and the expiration dates. Here's what it looks like:

 I love that it's personalised with my name!

Now for the really exciting part - WHAT DID I GET?!?
Well, in each box you get 4 punnets and the first one I ate was the natural vanilla seeds. 

Now, I didn't have particularly high hopes for these as although I do like sunflower seeds, I wouldn't go mad for them but these were so good. They were surprisingly sweet but I did think that they were quite calorific considering how many you got in the punnet (not all that many). Despite that, if I was to carry on subscribing I wouldn't mind being sent them again. 
The next thing I ate was the love mix. Which consists of dried apricots, cherries and goji berries.

I'd heard a lot about goji berries, so I was really excited to try them but unfortunately I only managed to eat a few before I gave up. They were too perfumed for my tastes. The cats seemed to loved them though (and I did check beforehand that it was okay for them to eat them)! The apricots and the cherries were really nice but I probably wouldn't order these again because of the goji berries. 

Next up was the Korean chilli rice crackers. 

I was most excited about trying these as I love anything hot and I was pretty sure that I would like them - and I did, they were gorgeous. For me they weren't that hot but I think people who aren't really into spicy food would struggle with them. That said though, I don't think that they are overly hot. I would definitely get these again.

I was pretty much full up from the first 3 punnets so I didn't manage to eat the fruit and seed flapjack until the next day.

This certainly tasted very natural! I'm not gonna say that I didn't like it, I just wouldn't rush to get another one. I think the main reason is because i'm so used to have the full-fat-chocolate-coated ones. I think I could get used to it eventually though. 

So i'm looking forward to receiving my next box soon and i've already deleted my account and my credit card details from the site, which I would strongly advise you to do when canceling your deliveries as i've heard that some people still get charged after cancellation if they don't - you can always enter your card details again if and when you decide that you want to start receiving boxes again.

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