Friday, 2 December 2011

The Perils of Having Kittens

They do this to you face!
And arms.
And legs.
And everywhere else!

It's not just me that's getting all the abuse. Seriously, if you want nice things in your house then don't get kittens! Their hit list so far is:

A pair of brand new pair of slipper socks (I'd only worn them once)
A mobile phone charger
A handmade sock monkey (I made it myself and was gonna blog about it but they had other ideas!)
A Pirates of the Caribbean poster
A porcelain Siamese cat
All my 'New Home' cards

Putting my voiles and curtains back up is now becoming a daily chore (they seem to be very fond of climbing up them). I know that there is a website called something like 'Shit My Kids Wrecked' - they should bloody make one for cats! 

I can't help but love them though.

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