Thursday, 29 December 2011

ROY G. BIV Hair Project - Part 3

I had originally planned to get my next colour done at the hairdressers but I couldn't face going even though my hair desperately needed bleaching, so I got my Mum to help me do my dark roots at home using a L'Oreal ash blonde semi-permanent colour (can't remember exactly what it was called now) and luckily it turned the hair light enough to put another colour over the top, which was a huge relief!
If I had been going to hairdressers I would have gone for a blue colour next but as this was the first time that myself and my Mum had done it alone, I decided that it would be best to do a light colour yellow it was!

The colour I used was Manic Panic Electric Banana. I wouldn't have believed that it would be possible to get your hair this colour, it's like proper fluorescent yellow but I really like it a lot!

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