Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Scrapbook: Front Cover and Welcome To Your New Home

I know i've been letting my blog slip over the past few weeks as i've been having some issues with my health, but I really don't want to give up on it as i've worked hard on it over the past 6 months or so, and I know i'd regret it if I stopped doing it altogether - so please bear with me!

Anyway last week I bought myself a scrapbook from Paperchase, it's A3 in size and has 50 plain pages, or 100 if you're going to use each side of the page like I am. I think it was about £12.99, which I think is pretty reasonable as it should last a while.

The front cover was a cardboard brown colour (as are the rest of the pages) so I decided to decorate it with some of my cardstock.

Here it is:

Both the holographic card and mirror board in the middle were from the Create & Craft shopping channel. I got them in the sale just after Christmas but they still weren't cheap despite them being on offer. They've probably sold out of the holographic card now but it's worth looking on their website.

I've left the inside of the front cover and the first page blank as i've got some idea of what I want to do with them but I don't have the right supplies for them at the moment so they'll have to wait for now.

Next I did a page to display the cards I got when I moved into my new flat.

Here it is:

All the card was from the Create & Craft shopping channel (the blue and green card is glittery and the floral card is holographic but you can't really tell from the picture) and the glitter glue for the door handle I got for Christmas, I don't know where it was from but it's not really that good anyway. The title I just drew myself using a biro and a felt tip pen for the black. The chewed edges on the cards are courtesy of the kittens!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome 2012

I stayed in on New Year's Eve, bought myself a Chinese takeaway and spent most of the evening chilling on the sofa watching the NY Ink marathon on Disc.RealTime. I had a glass of vodka and lemonade with edible gold flakes in it but I drink so little these days that I felt dizzy after only a few sips. Annoyingly, it was sealed with a cork so it'll probably end up getting wasted now!
Last year I was supposed to go on a pub crawl around one of my local towns like I had done the previous year (had a fantastic time) but I had a panic attack walking up there so had to come home, which is why I decided to stay in this year because I did not want a repeat of that!
I considered popping down to my Uncle's house party at about 11-ish so that I didn't have to be on my own when midnight struck but I ended up falling asleep a missed it all! It was certainly the most quiet New Year i've ever had!

Last year a few major things happened: I finally passed my driving test, moved into my own place, lost my 2 lovely cats but got 3 new ones and of course set up Ohh Erin blog and shops.

This year i'm going to be turning 21 and i'll probably be moving house again. I'm hoping to be more successful with selling my jewellery and perhaps even develop some new designs. As for the rest - who knows?