Friday, 30 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 30

Today's prompt was:

'To my future self'

Here's my list - 

  • Don't worry, be happy - I've just gotta get my head around the not worrying thing first!  

So we have come to the end of 30 Days of Lists, I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you had fun reading my lists. Hopefully i'll be back for another round in October! 


Thursday, 29 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 29

Today's prompt:

'Songs that make me want to dance'

To be honest, no song makes me really want to dance because I hate dancing in general so I just made a list of up-tempo songs that put me in a good mood. You can also tell by this list that I don't read music because i've put all the notes the wrong way!

Here's my list - 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 28

Today's prompt was:

'My last meal would include'

Here's my list - 

  • Pizza - Margarita with a few jalepenos.
  • Chips - Thick ones with plenty of salt and vinegar from the chippy.
  • Crisps - Any flavour. I love them all. 
  • Ice cream - One scoop of mint choc chip and one scoop of blueberry.
  • Diet coke - My favourite cold soft drink.
  • Cream soda - I don't get to have this very much but I love it. It reminds me when I was little and my Nana used to buy me a can of it in the cafe at Kwik Save. 


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 27

Today's prmpt was:

'If I could do it over again'

Here's my list - 

 I know it's cliched but I really wouldn't. Even when things haven't turned out the way i've wanted them to (which is what happens in most cases!), there is no point in dwelling on things that I can't change. I just have to learn to adapt. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

30 Days of List - Day 26

Today's prompt was:

'My morning routine' 

Now, i'm finding it really difficult at the moment to get up in the mornings so I don't really have a routine as such so I just wrote what I would do during the times when i'm an early bird. Also, this list is really sloppily done in terms of artwork, I was somewhat lacking in inspiration, plus I made a mistake with the day. As much as I love 30 Days of Lists i'm kinda ready for it to be over now. 

Here's my list -

  • Eat - Usually toast or cereal.
  • Have a hot drink - Tea ot coffee, even if it's really hot outside like it was today.
  • Have a cigarette - Sorry!
  • Check emails - The first check in like 100.
  • Check social networking - Gotta see if i've got any FB notifications!
  • Read newspapers - I usually do this online. And it's mostly for celebrity gossip even though I claim i'm not interested in it *confession*.
  • Thing about the things I need to do - I can't promise that I always do them though. 
  • Get washed and dressed - I'm not a fan of being naked in public. 


Sunday, 25 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 25

Today's prompt was:

'Title options for my autobiography'

Here's my list - 

  • Ohh Erin! - The obvious choice. It comes from my friend Nadine telling me off after my many failed diet attempts.
  • Erin ydw i - Another obvious choice. It means "I am Erin" in Welsh. 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 24

Today's prompt was:

'I am famous for' 

Here's my list (including close up of glitter detail)- 

  • Making a good cup of tea - I've never had to pour one down the drain yet!
  • My hair - My blog posts about my hair have by far the most views on here.
  • My cats - I probably go on about them too much but they mean the world to me. <3
  • My lists - ;)


Friday, 23 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 23

Today's prompt was:


Here's my list (or should I say "these are my confessions" a la Usher?) -

  • I check my Hotmail way to many times - I can't even say how much I check it, I check it that much!
  • I hardly ever eat my 5 a day - Most days i'm lucky if I even have 2!
  • It offend me when someone unfollows me on Blogger -  It doesn't bother me on any other social networking site but I think because I invest so much time into my blog I wonder what I have done wrong.
  • I like Disney too much someone my age - OMG DISNEY! *Faints*

Thursday, 22 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 22

Today's prompt was:

'My care package'

Here's my list - 

  • A good film - If I was in real need of some caring then my film of choice would be something Disney. Perhaps Pocahontas or Beauty & the Beast.
  • A nice drink - Preferably something fizzy!
  • Crisps - My weakness. Any flavour will do.
  • A blanket - Just for extra comfort. 
  • Cigarettes - I'm sorry!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 21

Today's promt was:

'With an extra hour in the day I would'

Here's my list - 

Well I do love me some sleep! Speaking of which, i'm very tired now so i'd better go an catch some z's. Night night. :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

30 Days of Lisrs - Day 20

Today's prompt was:

'Favourite memories'

Here's my list - 

  •  My ROA - The UK equivalent of a high school prom. A lot of people afterwards said it was rubbish because the school I went to was very small so it wasn't the big raucous party that some are but it only hold fond memories for me. Except for maybe my hair, that cheesed me off that day.
  • Walt Disney World holiday - The best holiday i've ever had! I defy anyone not to have a great time there. 
  • The Subways gig - The first gig I went to with my friends without adult supervision. I felt so grown up! 
  • Alton Towers trips with school - I love Alton Towers anyway but it was even better being able to go there with all my friends and be able to walk around the park on our own. 
  • PJ Harvey gig - My musical hero! You can read all about it here. 
  • Woolacombe Bay holiday - The best UK holiday i've had. 
  • My 14th birthday party - This is probably the best birthday i've had in fairly recent times (although it was nearly 7 years ago now eek!). Everything was perfect and nothing went wrong for a change. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 19

Today's prompt was:

'Dear _____, you can make me happy in the following ways'

I chose to do this list on my naughty little kittens, Rosa and Kyd!

Here's my list - 

  •  Not biting/scratching me - They never do it in a nasty way, always playful but i'm sick of having marks all over my arms and legs! I don't want people jumping to the wrong conclusions...
  • Not turning your noses up at food - This is so annoying. They whinge because they're hungry so I put them some lovely food out then they just sniff it and walk off!
  • Not destroying/knocking over/pulling down everything - Seriously, you can't have anything in this house these days. 
  • Not annoying Tia - She's 16! She's too old for those sort of antics!
  • Not hissing or growling at anyone who comes into the house - To be fair, it's only Rosa who does this but it can be so embarrassing. She'll start as soon as someone walks through the door, before they've even touched or aproached her or sonetimes before they've even looked at her!
I do absolutely love them to bits though and wouldn't be without them now. <3
PS: I've just noticed that there is a school boy error spelling mistake in there (don't judge me! :P) which is a shame because it was the neatest list i've done in a few days. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 18

Today's prompt was:

'Family traditions'

Here's my list - 

  •  Going to the chocolate shop with my Dad - We both love their cakes!
  • Having family dos at The Forum or The Guildhall Tavern - I don't mind The Forum but the vegetarian food in The Guildhall Tavern is horrible. :|
  • Voting Labour - Everyone is my family votes for them when the election comes round. I would vote for the Green Party if \I could but they don't have a candidate in my constiuency so Labour is the next best option. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 17

Today's prompt was:

'Favourite days of the year'

Here'a my list - 

  •  Woodfest - It's a local festival of wood in case you hadn't already guessed. I just love looking around all the cool craft stalls and watching the chainsaw carving competitions. In the past few years they've started doing a bike trial show too which is amazing. I  like to go to a lot of these shows/fete things in the summer and this is definitely one of my favourites. 
  • Denbigh and Flint Show - A local agricultural show. I love to look at all the sweet animals and taste the samples in the food hall. It's the North Wales' largest agricultural show and I think it's the second largest in Wales after The Royal Welsh. Another one of my favourites. 
  • Halloween - Even if I don't do anything for it I love to watch the selection of scary films shown on tv. 
  • Bonfire Night - I do love a good firework display. And a toffee apple. 
  • Unexpected days of fun - These are the best of all!
Excuse the wonkyness of the lettering. It was another 'do it in bed' job, hence the lateness of this post!

The Versatile Blogger Award

The rules are simple:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and add a link to their blog in your post.
Thank you Kasia! You can find her blog at
Share 7 things (that possibly nobody knows) about yourself.
1. Since Kasia shared her piercings, i'll share mine as I don't think i've mentioned them on my blog before. I have 13 in total (I used to have 15 but I took my navel and inverse navel out after one too many catching incidents. Ouch). I have 3 in my left ear, all lobe piercings and all of the them are stretched. The first is to 10mm or 00g, the second is to 4mm or 6g and the third is to 3.2mm or 4g. I have 7 in my right ear, 3 in the lobe, the first of which is stretched to 10mm, the second and third are unstretched, 2 helix piercings, a tragus piercing and a forward helix. I have both my nostrils pierced and a smiley piercing, otherwise known as the upper lip frenulum. 
2. I went to college to study media but left after half a term because I didn't like it.
3. I am obsessed with Iceland and Walt Disney World. I am also mildly obsessed with Finland, Sweden and Italy. 
4. I have recently got into Studio Ghibli films in a big way. My favourites so far are My Neighbour Totoro and Whisper of the Heart.
5. I once fractured my ankle jumping over a flowerpot. 
6. I've never had to have a filling or have any teeth removed. *Touch wood*
7. I'm still too afraid to go on ghost trains and have only ever been on one in my entire life. 

Share the award with 15 other recently discovered blogs that you love and inform them!
4. Fashion Forcaster 
5. The Nearsighted Owl
6. Unbecoming
7. Ugly Shy Girl

The other blogs i've started following recently are blogs of companies and the like who wouldn't do the tag so i'll leave it at that. :)


Friday, 16 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 16

Today's prompt was:

'Pet peeves'

Here's my list - 

  • People who pronounce tooth 'tuth' - A lot of mispronounciations annoy me but this one if the worst for me!
  • Nagging - A hate hate hate being nagged. My Mum is the worst at doing it - nagging me is not gonna get the job done any quicker, it'll just make me even less likely to do it!
  • Pens running out whilst i'm using them - Which was what happened whilst I was writing this list. Grrrr.
 I could have added loads more bur I didn't have enough room. Grrrr. *New pet peeve - not leaving enough space to write down my pet peeves.*  XD


Thursday, 15 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 15

Today's prompt was:

'Overheard today'

So we/re halfway through now and I must admit that this is usually the time where I start to lose my mojo a bit in terms of being motivation (but i'll probably get a second wind in about 5 or 6 days) and when I read what today's prompt was I wasn't feeling overly inspired. I don't tend to listen in on other people's conversations a lot and when I do I don't remember unless someone has said something funny so I was really glad that I read the list prompts ahead of time or else I wouldn't have made a conscious effort to earwig and this list would have been very short indeed! 

Here's my list -

  • "Do you need a wee?" "No." - My nextdoor neighbour asked he 3 year old son. Overheard whilst I was having a cigarette outside.
  • "You have 9 items on your prescription, are you sure you need them ALL/" - Overheard in the doctors when I went to pick up my own prescription. For some reason I found it really funny. God love the NHS!
  • "Hey, you took my stick!" - I can only guess the children of the estate must have been playing some sort of sticky game.
  • "HISSS, GRRR, RAAAA!" - Tia telling the kittens off for some sort of misdemeanor (probably biting her tail)!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 14

Today's prompt was:

'Tools and toys to try'

I'm not really a tool/gadget sort of person so most of them are a bit repetitive but...
Here's my list - 
  •  Nikon D3100 - I currently have a Nikon Coolpix S3000 but have been looking to upgrade for quite a while now. I was pretty sure that I wanted a DSLR camera and when they started advertising this model on the tv I was totally sold. It's quite a bit more expensive than my current camera so it'll require quite a but of saving but I have a sneaking suspicion that i'm gonna be getting it for my 21st birthday in a couple of months. Woohoo!
  • Diana Mini - What a babe of a camera. I've been a fan of lomo photography since before I even got my first digital camera and I think Diana are definitely the queen of them all. I know the lomo effect is widely available in digital formats now what with Instagram and Hisptamatic but I don't have an iPhone and it's just not the same anyway!
  •  Diana F+ - Specifically in CMYK (so amazing!) but i'd settle for Glow or Mr. Pink. Of course it'd be a lot more faff to get the film developed than it would be for the mini but I think it's totally worth it and I know it's greedy but I want them BOTH and they're not that expensive anyway.
  • Actionsampler Transparent - Now I don't really know a lot about this camera but it is so cute and super cheap but could be crap for all I know, but it's definitely the coolest multilense camera i've seen. 
  • Whirlpool Max 25 - Finally something that isn't a camera! It's a MIRCROWAVE! When I was in my flat I was having so much trouble finding something to go with the carefully considered decor of my kitchen but then I found this little beut. It looks more like a telly than a kitchen appliance but it would look perfect with the other stuff i've got. I fell in love with the blue model but the trouble is it's really expensive and I wasn't really planning on spending over £100 on a microwave but I was so torn about not wrecking my kitchen with clinical looking ugliness so I ended up getting nothing at all. I am seriously considering biting the bullet and getting one for my next flat though. 
 Wow, that was quite a long blog for someone who supposedly doesn't like gadgets. Haha. 


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 13

Today's prompt was:

'10 Years ago I'
Here's my list - 

  • I was 10 years old - Not far off turning 11. 
  • Was in my last year of primary school - Or elementary school for my US/Canada readers. It was a great year!
  • Wanted to be a doctor - If my life had gone according to plan, I think I could have done it! 
  • Was in the Brownies - I loved it but the Guides were even better. 
  • Still played with baby dolls - That's how it was in those days! None of this Bratz business!
  • Listened to Atomic Kitten - Before that it was Steps and B*Witched. 
  • Only bought my clothes from Tammy Girl - Skate, parachute and cargo pants ahoy!

 There is a lot of glitter featured on the design of this list but it never seems to show up on the pictures!

Monday, 12 March 2012

30 Days of List - Day 12

Today's prompt was:

'Superpowers i'd like to have'

The 'artwork' for this is totally LOL. It's so bad that I love it. Hahaha. 

Here's my list -

  • Ability to fly - It'd sure save money on petrol! Plus it'd be really cool to see everywhere from way up in the sky.
  • Teleportation - For rainy days!
  • Ability to 'glamour' people - I would only use it to convince people that nothing had happened when i've made a fool of myself!
  • Be able to take pictures with my eyes - Would be totally amazing. 
  • Nightvision - Would be really handy when I wake up disorientated in the night and would save all the fumbling for light switches. 
  • Invisibility - I'd use it to sneak in places for free. Hehe. 
  • Ability to stop time - So I can get a few extra hours sleep!
 Once again, the picture hasn't come out so well due to poor lighting conditions but when you click on it to make it full size the lettering is a lot clearer.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 11

Today's prompt was:

'Right now I am'

Here's my list - 

  • In my bedroom - My old one at my Mum's house. <3
  • Drinking diet coke with cherry - I prefer diet coke with lemon or lime but for 15p who cares?
  • Waiting for my dinner - I was very hungry at the time but am noe so full I could be sick!
  • Making this list - Obviously.
I was sitting on my bed with my list book resting on my knees whilst making this so the lettering is really wonky but never mind, i'm not going to beat myself up about it!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 10

Today's prompt was:

'Today was awesome because'

Now today wasn't really that awesome but making this list forced me to think about the little things that i'd otherwise take for granted. 

Here's my list - 

  •  I got my car back - It's been in the garage for the past few days because it failed it's MOT but i've got it back now and everything is fixed. Woohoo!
  • Wales won the rugby match - I don't really follow rugby generally but i'm always happy when my country scores a victory. 
  • I got to eat lots of nice food - The highlight being a greek salad sandwich which was really really tasty! 
  • Coke was on offer in Co-op - Two bottles for £1.50 is a pretty good deal when you consider that one bottle costs £1.35!
 I know the lettering looks a little wonky but that's because I did this list whilst laying in bed - which is another thing that was pretty good today, I mostly got to have a chill day. :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

30 Dayss of Lists - Day 9

Today's prompt was:

'Happy places'

Here's my list - 

  • Walt Disney World - The Happiest Place on Earth. I went there with my family 10 years ago and it was the best holiday ever. I'm currently saving up to go again, hopefully in October.
  • Alton Towers - I've been there 10 times but haven't been for a couple of years now. One of my goals for this year is to go again.
  • The Gwyniau - A woodland near where I live. 
  • Johnson's Monument - A monument in woodland near where I live. My Taid always used to take me there when I was little for picnics. 
  • Bodnant Gardens - A National Trust run property about 25 miles or so from where I live. It is so beautiful there in the summer. I remember when I was younger and my Nain and Taid used to take me and I used to run around shouting "it's like China, it's like China!"
 I've just realised i've forgotten to put Llyn Gwynant, a campsite I used to go to when I was young. It;'s one of my favourite places in the World and I have so many happy memories there. How could I forger? Ohh Erin!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 8

Today's prompt was:

'I need to say no to'

I've been feeling really unwell today so I didn't think i'd get anything done but earlier this evening I was feeling a bit better so I just rustled up something simple. 

Here's my list - 

  •  Negative thoughts - A constant battle with me.
  • Crisps, chips, sweets, chocolate, cake etc. - I'm so overweight at the moment, it's disgusting.. I need to lose at least 3 and a half stone (49lbs).

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 7

Today's prompt was:

'I am inspired by'

Here's my list -

  • Nature - A neverending source of inspiration.
  • Bygone eras - Paritcularly the 50s, 80s and 90s.
  • Stuff i've seen on blogs - I read a lot of other craft and illustration blogs and am inspired by them to try new things all the time.
  • Music - I just wish I was better at putting all the picture in my head onto paper.
  • Life  - Who isn't inspired by it?
The picture has come out a little dark again so I may try again to get a better picture tomoroow. The weather has been so dull today, there has hardly any good natural light at all.