Tuesday, 20 March 2012

30 Days of Lisrs - Day 20

Today's prompt was:

'Favourite memories'

Here's my list - 

  •  My ROA - The UK equivalent of a high school prom. A lot of people afterwards said it was rubbish because the school I went to was very small so it wasn't the big raucous party that some are but it only hold fond memories for me. Except for maybe my hair, that cheesed me off that day.
  • Walt Disney World holiday - The best holiday i've ever had! I defy anyone not to have a great time there. 
  • The Subways gig - The first gig I went to with my friends without adult supervision. I felt so grown up! 
  • Alton Towers trips with school - I love Alton Towers anyway but it was even better being able to go there with all my friends and be able to walk around the park on our own. 
  • PJ Harvey gig - My musical hero! You can read all about it here. 
  • Woolacombe Bay holiday - The best UK holiday i've had. 
  • My 14th birthday party - This is probably the best birthday i've had in fairly recent times (although it was nearly 7 years ago now eek!). Everything was perfect and nothing went wrong for a change. 

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