Monday, 26 March 2012

30 Days of List - Day 26

Today's prompt was:

'My morning routine' 

Now, i'm finding it really difficult at the moment to get up in the mornings so I don't really have a routine as such so I just wrote what I would do during the times when i'm an early bird. Also, this list is really sloppily done in terms of artwork, I was somewhat lacking in inspiration, plus I made a mistake with the day. As much as I love 30 Days of Lists i'm kinda ready for it to be over now. 

Here's my list -

  • Eat - Usually toast or cereal.
  • Have a hot drink - Tea ot coffee, even if it's really hot outside like it was today.
  • Have a cigarette - Sorry!
  • Check emails - The first check in like 100.
  • Check social networking - Gotta see if i've got any FB notifications!
  • Read newspapers - I usually do this online. And it's mostly for celebrity gossip even though I claim i'm not interested in it *confession*.
  • Thing about the things I need to do - I can't promise that I always do them though. 
  • Get washed and dressed - I'm not a fan of being naked in public. 


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