Thursday, 15 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 15

Today's prompt was:

'Overheard today'

So we/re halfway through now and I must admit that this is usually the time where I start to lose my mojo a bit in terms of being motivation (but i'll probably get a second wind in about 5 or 6 days) and when I read what today's prompt was I wasn't feeling overly inspired. I don't tend to listen in on other people's conversations a lot and when I do I don't remember unless someone has said something funny so I was really glad that I read the list prompts ahead of time or else I wouldn't have made a conscious effort to earwig and this list would have been very short indeed! 

Here's my list -

  • "Do you need a wee?" "No." - My nextdoor neighbour asked he 3 year old son. Overheard whilst I was having a cigarette outside.
  • "You have 9 items on your prescription, are you sure you need them ALL/" - Overheard in the doctors when I went to pick up my own prescription. For some reason I found it really funny. God love the NHS!
  • "Hey, you took my stick!" - I can only guess the children of the estate must have been playing some sort of sticky game.
  • "HISSS, GRRR, RAAAA!" - Tia telling the kittens off for some sort of misdemeanor (probably biting her tail)!


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