Friday, 2 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 2

Today's prompt was:

'This month's goals'

Pretty much the same as the first prompt last time. I only completed two of them (the ones relating to 30 Days of Lists) but i'm going to make more of an effort to do them all or at least most of them this time.

Here's my list - 

  • Complete 30 Days of Lists - Obviously.
  • Continue to get my health back on track - It's an ongoing battle but it's one that i'm determined to win. 
  •  See my Nana - I haven't seen her since Christmas Day due to my health problems. I think that it's the longest i've ever gone without seeing her. 
  • Dye my hair blue - I've had my yellow hair since just before the New Year and i'm itching to move on to the next colour.
  • Make the most of my Photoshop free trial - I've had a couple of goes at it as you can see here  but I want to do some more work with it before it runs out.
  • Give my Mum a good Mother's Day - She deserves it.
  • Celebrate my Dad's birthday - It's on 11th March and he's having a little get together for it. I really hope I can attend. 
  • Be kind to myself - Probably the most important one. If I can't even be kind to myself then how can I truly be kind to others? 



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