Tuesday, 6 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 6

Today's prompt was:

'Things to collect'

I love to collect things so this was a great list for me to do!

Here's my list - 

  •  CDs - I know it's all about the downloads these days but I love the way CDs look and feel, I like to hold them in my hand and pore over the album booklets.
  • Vinyl Records - I think I prefer these even more than CDs, but they are a lot more expensive so I have fewer of them. I have a record player but it only plays 7" records so I need to get a new one so I can play some of my albums.
  • Badges/Pins - When I was in my early teens I used buy loads of button badges from places like Claire's when they were all the rage. As I got older I started collecting more enamel pins, particularly Disney ones. They're all  displayed on my notice board with the exception of a few of my best Disney ones which are on a lanyard. 
  • Kitsch Jewellery - From Lady Luck Rules Okay to Tatty Devine, i've got tons of the stuff.
  • Pierrot stuff - This is my newest collection. I've only got 3 things so far but I fell in love with him over the summer when I bought a trinket box with him on from a vintage shop. I'm currently bidding for a clock on eBay so fingers crossed I win!


  1. Great list...I'm with you on 1-4, I love vinyl records too, I had to look up Pierrot though :)

    1. Pierrot is so sweet. I like Harlequin too but not as much as Pierrot. And I won the clock too - Yay!