Tuesday, 5 June 2012

21 things to do before I turn 22

I failed miserably with last year's list having only completed 2 of the things fully by the time I reached my 21st birthday last week, so I was a bit reluctant to write out another list and face failing again. I have suffered some unexpected health problems in the past year which have made trying to achieve my goals somewhat more difficult than usual - but goals are good and i've tried to make the ones on this year's list slightly more attainable to avoid disapointment.

Some of the old goals from last year are still on the list but i've added some new ones too.

My list:
1. Drive further than Rhyl on my own.
2. Complete my ROY G. BIV hair project
3. Go to the Vintage Village market
4. Learn a new craft
5. Continue my weight loss
6. Get a new piercing
7. Get a new tattoo
8. Go to the cinema alone
9. Go to Afflecks Palace
10. Bake a cake that actually tastes good
11. Go to Alton Towers and ride on Rita and Thirteen
12. Watch at least 50 more of the IMDB top 250 films
13. Watch something other than a film in the cinema
14. Go to a concert
15. Go see a play
16. Enter at least 3 things in the village show
17. Visit Bodnant Garden
18. Go to the zoo
19. Get a pet fish
20. Read at least 25 books
21. Have a meal at Con Amici


  1. A belated happy birthday Erin! Love this list...it's easy to forget to include lots of fun things, but I have a feeling you'll enjoy achieving these :)

    1. Thanks, I've tried to make this year's list slightly easier. Hopefully i'll achieve more than two this time!

  2. Good luck on these, I have to go back to my list and start completing:D

    1. Thanks and good luck with yours too! I hope you do better than me!