Sunday, 5 August 2012

Llanrhaeadr Show

So, the annual Llanrhaeadr Show has come round again. This year I entered 5 items hoping for a little more success than I had with my 3 entries last year but sadly it wasn't to be.

I entered:
An item of jewellery
An item of paper craft
A wedding card
A photograph entitled 'The Back Garden'
A vegetarian supper dish

For an item of jewellery I just chose something i'd made from clay last year and hoped for the best. For an item of paper craft I decided to learn origami (first item off my 21 things crossed off).
I left the wedding card until the night before the show so it was all a bit last minute. I only had time to create something simple so I fully expected not to win. 
For my photograph I used a picture that i'd taken of my back garden when it was in full bloom around May time and I went all the way to Colwyn Bay to get it printed off and mounted. I thought that I might get at least a third for this.
Finally, for my vegetarian supper dish I bought The Accidental Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer, (whose restaurant I had been to for my 21st birthday) and chose a dish from there. I had hoped to get something for this too as I didn't think there would be many entries.

An item of jewellery.

An item of paper craft.

A wedding card. 

A photograph entitled 'The Back Garden'

A vegetarian supper dish (I know it doesn't look very appetising but bare in mind that at the point this picture was taken, it had been sitting on that table for about 8 hours).

So I have been humiliated once again - and I have also been neglecting this blog which i'm sorry about! 
Never mind though, I have 2 items crossed off my 21 things list and i'm ready for round 3 next year when i'm sure more embarrassment will ensue!