Sunday, 30 September 2012

30 Days of List - THE WHOLE THING!

I've been very lazy recently and haven't bothered to upload any of my pages from the September edition of '30 Dayss of Lists'.

I think my lazinest shines through in my lists (is 'shines through' even an appropriate way to describe ones laziness?!?!), i'm not happy with how this project turned out at all.

I'm just going to upload the pictures and not bother with the explanations as the lists, despite being basic are pretty clear. It's not all about laziness this time!

My lists -


I think it's kind of a good job that I posted them all in one blog because that would have been boring as hell to read everyday, it's better to get it all over with in one go.

30 Days of Journalling: Days 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 ,29 and 30

I know that this is way, way overdue but better late than never eh?

The prompt for 17th June was:

'This prompt is all about our Fathers (or any significant man in your life).  Dedicate a page to them.  You can decided any topic or theme for your page just make sure that it centers around that special guy!!'

Here's my page - 
The prompt for 18th June was:

'Today is all about altering a repeat image :)  Copy an image, or images, multiple times using a copy machine, or scanner and print the images in black and white.  Use different writing tools to alter your images in many different styles.  (If you don't have access to a copier of any kind, alter images from a magazine or old pictures, do it your way and it will be awesome).'

My page - 

 The prompt for 19th June was:

'Should you be doing something different with your life right now?  why or why not?'

My page - 

 The prompt for 20th June was:

'Today your journal will be hijacked!!  Today you will give up control of your journal and let someone else create a page for you!!' 

My page - 

The prompt for 21st June was:

 'What was your favorite story from today??'

My page - 

The prompt for 22nd June was:

'What are some things that you are looking forward to?'

My page - 

The prompt for 23rd June was:
'Today is a free choice page!!!'

My page - 

The prompt for 24th June was:
'Alright, today we are creating a Top 10 List.  This Top 10 list can be of anything!  This can be a Top 10 List that has already been established but that you want to document, or it can be a Top 10 list that you think up right this second!!'

My page - 

 The prompt for 25th June was:

  "My wish for you..." 

My page - 

The prompt for 26th June was:
'Journal about your day.'

My page - 

The prompt for 27th June was:

'What is something that touched your heart today?'

My page - 

The prompt for 28th June was:

'Today I want you to make a list of journal prompts that you could possibly use in your journal, after this class is over.'

My page - 

The prompt for 29th June was:

 'What are some of your goals for July?'

My page - 

The prompt for 30th June was:

'Today's prompt is all about saying thank you.  Think specifically about this past month and someone who deserves a big thank you for something that they have done for you.'

My page - 

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Thank to everyone who's made it this far, it was a super long post I know! I'm suffering with a severe lack of motivation at the moment hence why this has taken me so long - and why I haven't uploaded any of my pages from '30 Days of Lists' yet ( I will do this in the next post, I promise)!