Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tutorial: 8 Point Origami Star

I've fallen in love with origami ever since the Llanrhaeadr Show, my bedroom is now littered with paper cranes, hearts and stars - so today I thought i'd show you how to make an 8 point origami star like the one I made for my competition entry.

First you need to select 8 pieces of 15cm x 15cm paper in colour of your choice. The paper i'm using is just from a super cheap eBay shop but you can also use real washi paper for a more authentic Japanese feel. (I find it works better than the cheap stuff and isn't that much more expensive).

Step 1: Place the paper colour side down and fold along both the diagonal axis, crease well and unfold.

Step 2: Now fold the left side to meet the diagonal crease. 

Step 3: Make a mountain fold along the dotted line shown below. (To make a mountain fold you just fold the paper behind instead of in front).

 Your paper should now look like this:

Step 4: Fold the upper layer of the side i've labelled AB to meet i've labelled AC.

Your paper should now look like this:

Step 5: Flip the paper over.

Step 6: Fold the right side to meet the vertical crease.

 Step 7: Now make a diagonal fold  along the dotted line and fold the bottom tip upwards. 

Your paper should now look like this:

 Step 8: Make the unit you've already made a further 7 times. 

Step 9: Now it's time to assemble our star! First open up the right side of the first unit. 

Step 10: Place the second unit into the first. You want the edge to line up with the right diagonal crease of the first unit. To close back the first unit bring the tip over and tuck it between second unit completely so that both units are completely attached to each other. Repeat this with all the units. For the last unit you need to gently squeeze it in between the seventh and first unit without the rest of the units becoming unattached. It can be a bit tricky, so you have to be careful!

You're all finished! Your star should now look like this:

As I said earlier, the paper is not of the best quality so there are a few more crease in it than I would like.

Here's what it looks like when made with proper washi paper:

The back side:

***Have fun making your stars!***


  1. Origami is soo awesome! I'm going to try this star out x

    1. I'm totally addicted to it now! Post pictures if you do make it!

  2. I would make stars if only I find paper that is as pretty as you have gotten! Love origami.

    1. I got all mine of eBay. You can get them all fairly cheaply there, even the proper washi stuff.