Tuesday, 5 March 2013

30 Days of Lists - Day 5

Today's prompt was:

'Things I would like to do by the end of the month'

I thought this prompt was a bit too similar to the one from a couple of days ago. Thank God I didn't pick month for that one or it would just be exactly the same list!

Here's my list - 

  • Eat out somewhere - I either want to go to a local Italian restaurant that I got my takeaway pizza from last week or an Indian restaurant near me that does a 2 for 1 deal on a Thursday abd Friday.
  • Get my hair done - It looks absolutely horrendous at the moment. I think this is the longest i've ever gone without getting my roots done. 
  • Go to an assertiveness class - Same as I said last time. I must admit I kinda don't wanna go but I do at the same time. 
  • Complete this journal - Hopefully on time!

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