Saturday, 13 April 2013

Instalife II

Chocolate filled pancakes with toffee sauce and Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream on Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday).

Cakes I got for my Mum for Mothers' Day.

My new neon Vans.

Flip wrapped up in Huw's slanket.

Rodney Peppe exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre.

Lunch at the Guildhall Tavern.

My neighbours' cheeky cat on my bed.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs tickets arrived. Oh yeah!

Snowing at the end of March!

Delicious! Happy Easter to me!

Friday, 12 April 2013

30 Days of Lists: Day 28. 29 and 30

The prompt for the 28th was:

'This week I chose to....'

Here's my list - 

  • Go to Neil's party - Although the restaurant we went to was absolutely shocking i'm glad I went. 
  • Drive to the party myself - The furthest i've ever driven on my own before.
  • Let my neighbour's cat sleep on my bed - It keeps coming into the house 24/7, it was late and I was too tired to throw him out.  

 The prompt for the 29th was:

'I'm grateful for'

 Even though I take these things for granted sometimes I do feel grateful for them.

The prompt for the 30th was:
 'Mini manifesto'

Here's my list - 

 I'm working really hard to achieve these things. 


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

30 Days of Lists: Day 24, 25, 26 and 27

The prompt for the 24th was:

'Pets past and present'

Here's my list - 

  Most of them are dead now but Flip, Tia, Kyd and Rosa are still alive.

The prompt for the 25th was:

'When faced with a tough decision I....'

Here's my list - 

   When in doubt - Google it!

The prompt for the 26th was:

'Last year at this time I was...'

Here's my list

  I think my life now is better now than it was back then.

The prompt for the 27th was:

'Quotes getting me through the month'

Here's my list - 

  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Monday, 8 April 2013

30 Days of Lists: Day 20, 21, 22 and 23

The prompt for the 20th was:

'I do not regret...'

Here's my list - 

  • Any of my tattoos - I only have 6 small ones but I don't regret any of them.
  • Any of my piercings - I have 13 including 4 stretched ones, I can't imagine myself without them.
  • Dropping out of college - It was a tough decision to make at the time but it was the right one.
  • Deactivating my Facebook account - Although it means I get way less blog views I feel better for doing it. 

The prompt for the 21st was:

'Today's weather reminds me of'

Here's my list

   It was so horrible, wet and windy and still had some remnants of snow. 

The prompt for the 22nd was:

'Roadtrip Playlist'

Here's my list:

  All great songs to listen to whilst driving. If your haven't heard them then go check them out!

The prompt for the 23rd was:

'Past Injuries'

Here's my list: 

  • Greenstick fracture on my ankle - I got it whilst jumping over a flowerpot whilst playing showjumping.
  • Slipped a disk in my back - It was awful. I was off school for 5 weeks with it and had to have physio every week.